Food for thought– What’s on your walls?

Yesterday I read a very interesting post by a fellow blogger entitled “What do you have on your walls??”, which got me thinking about my walls and my pictures. The link to the post is below and I think it’s definitely worth a read.

I think everyone needs to pause for a moment and think about what is on their walls. Not just your walls, but in your room, homes, office and other personal spaces. Do you have pictures of your family or the people that mean the most to you? Do you have certificates and awards to remind you of your accomplishments? Do you have quotes or pictures to inspire you?

When I was in University, my apartment walls proudly displayed my own crayon printed posters (done on notebook pages of course!) of pictures and sayings that I hoped would motivate me. Over my desk “You must get an A in Genetics!”. Beside my bed, “Wake your lazy ass up and study Microbio!”.

My bedroom back here at home has now matured as I have (hopefully!) showing evidence of my family, my best friends and always with the personal ┬ámotivation. That personal motivation comes in the form of an inspiration wall which is really a board containing a collage of quotations and pictures that remind me it’s a good life, never give up, be the best person that I can be and to keep fighting the good life.

I thought that I would share some of these pictures on my wall along with some others that I love with you, in hopes that you would be inspired!

So what’s on your walls??